Sending material for repair

The procedure to ship products for repairing is as follows:


  1. Ask the Help Desk service for the return number (RMA)

    This number can be obtained by means of the Help desk online platform (GeoCall).
    As an alternative, you can ask for this number by phone at +39 0432967250 with the following hours:

    • from Monday to Friday 09.00 to 12.30 and from 13.30 to 17.30

    You can also ask for the return number by fax (at +39 0432 977465) or by email at in both cases you must provide the following information:

    • Company name in full including address, telephone number and name of the person to contact
    • Product serial number (13 capital alphanumeric characters that start with “0” (zero), e.g. “0AIPT70100001”
    • If a loose part is sent, the serial number must be included of the PC from which it was removed
    • Description of defect/failure discovered
  2. Heading of shipping document and destination of material:
    ASEM S.r.l. con Socio Unico
    via Buia, 4
    33011 Artegna (UD) – Italy
  3. Reason for shipping
    Return for repairs
  4. In the notes, include the RMA number issued by the Help Desk of ASEM S.r.l. con Socio Unico

Shipping fees

For in-warranty materials:

Outbound shipping at customer's expense (EXW our plant in Artegna – UD) and return at the expense of ASEM S.r.l. con Socio Unico

For out-of-warranty materials:

Outbound shipment and return at customer’s expence

A simple and quick tool to request and monitor all the support and product repairing procedures, aimed to shorten times and improve the process efficiency, ensuring the highest satisfaction and transparency for the customer. It is possible to obtain access credentials to the platform requesting the assistance of the technical support.

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