Case studies

24/02/2021 GEA Stiavelli
GEA Stiavelli, in the framework of its activities of constant research and innovation, has decided to undertake an ambitious project: to realize a flexible software architecture that can be used on the whole fleet of machines.
24/02/2021 MBF
MBF, a leading machine manufacturer in the beverage industry, relied on ASEM technology to create an HMI that would automatically adapt to each machine.
24/02/2021 Breton
Thanks to the UBIQUITY remote assistance solution installed on all its machines and plants, Breton has achieved an overall saving on service costs of over 30% and a level of assistance and proximity to the customer never reached before.
12/11/2020 Röchling
The Röchling Group, a pioneer in the production of customized products in plastic material, relied on ASEM technology for the realization of a new motorcycle tank.