Case studies

12/05/2021 Guaranteed quality with HT5600
Delta Visione has chosen the CODESYS-based HT5600 Panel PAC as its all-in-one solution for controlling its automatic sorting machines based on advanced vision systems.
03/05/2021 UNIQO connects the machines
The Röchling Group, a pioneer in the production of customized products in plastic material, relied on ASEM technology for the realization of a new motorcycle tank.
21/04/2021 A "UNIQO" HMI for every machines
MBF, a leading machine manufacturer in the beverage sector, has relied on ASEM technology to develop an HMI that adapts automatically to each machine.
13/04/2021 Perfect labels with LP2200
OMET has decided to rely on ASEM's LP2200 Panel PAC for the realization of iFlex and XFlex, the label printing presses designed to revolutionize flexographic printing.
24/02/2021 Closer to customers with UBIQUITY
Thanks to the UBIQUITY teleservice solution installed on all its machines and plants, Breton has achieved overall savings in service costs of more than 30% and an unprecedented level of customer service and proximity.