Industrial monitors

ASEM industrial monitors feature the same robustness, reliability and aesthetic of the IPC families with integrated LCD.

Basing on the installation needs different families are available: the panel monitors for panel installation with IP66 protection grade and arm mounting for stand alone installation with all-round IP65 protection grade and customizable button bar.

All the monitors are also available with integrated RVL technology which allows the transmission of DVI-D and USB 2.0 signals up to 100 meters.

8 Products

Panel Monitors

MQ/MQR100 - MH/MHR100

Panel Mounting industrial monitors

MQ/MQR200 - MH/MHR200

Monitor industriali Panel Mounting

Arm mounting monitors

MK100 - MKR100

Arm Mounting industrial monitors

MV100 - MVR100

VESA Mounting industrial monitors

MK200 - BA / MKR200 - BA

Arm Mounting industrial monitors

MX200 - MXR200

Stainless steel Arm Mounting monitor

MV200 - MVR200

VESA Mounting industrial monitors

Video Remotation

Video remotation solutions

ASEM's technology for the remotation of USB 2.0 and DVI-D signals