Closer to customers with UBIQUITY

The challenge

Breton, a company focused on service and customer support.

"In our company we have always paid special attention to our customers, offering modern, articulated and effective services as a necessary complement to the supply of high quality and high-performance machines. Being a Breton customer means having chosen quality, efficiency, and excellence not only of the machines and plants but also of the accompanying services" says Enrico Favaro, Breton's technical manager. Breton produces on average between 250 and 300 machines per year and the after-sales service and maintenance are carried out even on machines sold 15 years ago. The machine park is therefore huge and has about 4,000 systems distributed around the world. "The difficulty in reaching them is enormous, with related problems of time zone and availability of people to send on-site. These people must be highly qualified and able to cover all automation needs. These are some of the reasons why remote connection and remote access have always been considered a must." Breton had already provided remote assistance on PC-controlled machines in the past, using some of the remote desktop software available on the market. These, however, did not allow easy access to the different customer networks. "Configuring the various firewalls and networks required days of work and high-level IT skills. Sometimes it was necessary to use several software solutions at the same time to access the machine. Something of a paradox" continues Favaro.

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