Fieldbus & Protocols

NETcore® X

The NETcore® X communication cards are the link between the PC and the I/O devices on the machine and allow control and visualization applications to obtain the information from the field according to many protocols available.

Instructions for use

NETcore X and proprietary application
Provides a DLL library for developing applications on Win32 (XP, Vista, Seven), or Windows CE systems. Allows all the languages compatible with DLL development, such as C, C++ or .NET.

NETcore X with CoDeSys
Using the EtherCAT, PROFIBUS, CANopen, PROFINET and EtherNet/IP protocols, the integration with CoDeSys is automatic and does not require the writing of any code to implement the communication stack.

NETcore X with Premium HMI
Premium HMI uses NETCore X cards with SIEMENS MPI and PROFIBUS Slave protocols, using a dedicated communication driver.


PROFIBUS/MPI APCIPROFIBUS MiniAPCIPROFIBUS for MB1021Industrial Ethernet APCIIndustrial Ethernet MiniAPCICANopen APCICANopen for MB1021CAN-RAW PCICAN-RAW MiniPCIIndustrial Ethernet for HT/PB/BM systemsIndustrial Ethernet for VK systems


Configurator NETcore X MiniAPCI/APCI
Configurator NETcore X for HT/PB/BM/VK


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