Premium HMI IIoT Cloud Connector

The software solution for Industrial IIoT cloud-based application

The software solution for Industrial IIoT cloud-based application

IIoT Cloud Connector is the software solution designed specifically for the Premium HMI platform to allow secure storage on cloud databases of data acquired from the field through the data logging features of Premium HMI, representing an effective and secure solution also for existing applications that want to adapt to modern IIoT and Industry 4.0 application scenarios.

IIoT Cloud Connector is available as a software solution for HMI and IPC systems and is bundled with Premium HMI runtime on all ASEM systems based on ARM architecture and WinCE operating systems and systems based on x86 platform and Win32/64 operating systems. 

It is extremely easy to configure through a few actions directly accessible from the Premium HMI Studio development environment, extending the data logging features and implementing a wide range of key functionalities for modern Industry 4.0 scenarios, offering the possibility to interface to customer-managed cloud systems through the standard AMQP and MQTT protocols, generally supported by cloud platform acquisition services.

Finally, IIoT Cloud Connector activity can be monitored through a comprehensive service status interface, accessible from the Premium HMI project.


Data collection

IIoT Cloud Connector simplifies data collection mechanisms that are automatically sent to the centralized database that historicizes them and prepares them for easy export.

Store and Forward

IIoT Cloud Connector efficiently and securely implements the "store and forward" feature, through which it is possible to manage the lack of Internet connectivity even for very long periods without data loss.

The large availability of local storage space on ASEM systems allows you to configure temporary buffers of considerable size, to ensure that nothing acquired from the field can be lost due to lack of connectivity.

Data optimization and grouping

IoT Cloud Connector implements algorithms for optimizing and grouping the data to be sent to limit bandwidth usage and make the most of the features of standard protocols for communicating with cloud services. 

The connection to the cloud is optimized to make the best use of data ingestion services, reducing the bandwidth used, and keeping the traffic to the cloud under control.

IIoT Enabler

In combination with ASEM's Premium HMI-based systems, the IIoT Cloud Connector enables the implementation of extremely cost-effective and efficient all-in-one solutions

Any device with Premium HMI Runtime can send data to the cloud server.

The HMI and LP systems become the most compact systems in their class to include functions of:

  • Visualization
  • Remote assistance
  • Control
  • Industrial IoT

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