Book Mounting PACs

The current portfolio of ASEM Book Mounting PAC solutions includes the LBM40 with ARM Cortex A9 DualLite processor (i.MX6 1,0 GHz) and Windows Embedded Compact 7 Pro operating system, the LBM2200, based on Intel® Celeron J1900 quad core (2,00 GHz) processor, the LBM3300/LBM3500 and LBM3400/LBM3600 families, based on Intel® Celeron and 6th/ 7th generation Core™ i3, i5, i7 processors and Windows Embedded Standard 7E/7P 32/64 bit or Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2016 64 bit operating systems. 

ASEM book mounting PACs have an integrated MicroUPS with supercapacitors or a UPS with integrated electronics and external battery, both with 512kB MRAM (Magnetoresistive RAM) and, in addition to the SoftPLC, they provide the execution of UBIQUITY remote assistance software.

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Dual-core ARM book mounting PAC


Book mounting PAC with x86 CPU


Book mounting PAC with x86 CPU


High performances Book mounting PAC with x86 CPU