Guaranteed quality with HT5600

The challenge

Delta Visione designs and manufactures automatic sorting machines capable of checking every single item in a series production process, identifying, and rejecting those that do not conform and thus ensuring quality control over 100% of production. The automatic sorting machines can check metal, plastic and rubber parts produced by shearing, stamping, or turning. For Delta Visione, it was essential to differentiate itself from its competitors by creating machines characterized by extreme versatility, which could control a wide variety of articles, limiting retooling activities and easily integrating complex feeding systems, making it possible to create real turnkey test islands. A step in this direction had already been made with the realization of a proprietary software for the management of the image processing part for all types of machines and for all types of quality control. This is made possible thanks to the extreme modularity that characterizes the software that allows the customer, thanks to a user-friendly HMI interface, to have complete autonomy in the development of new recipes or in the application of different algorithms of automatic selection. Normally, however, the automatic selection machines are composed on the one hand by an industrial PC that deals with the image processing part- and therefore requires considerable computing power- and on the other by a PLC for the management of the automation part of the machine.

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