The self generating HMI

La sfida 

GEA Stiavelli requires a hierarchical architecture of pasta production plants (Factory) within which its own packaging systems (Plant) are present, made up of different machines (Sections) responsible for particular processing, e.g. weighing (GEA M-Weigher) or packing (GEA H-Packer), which in turn can be further subdivided in their components (Equipment) responsible for the particular mechanical processing that takes place within the machine such as the management of the packaging film reel by the packer. Inside a factory, there are several plants that respond to the same hierarchical subdivision as illustrated in the picture in the image at the bottom of page 2. For example, the Plant for long pasta types (Long Cut) is composed of different sections: weighing machine (SPL-M), packing machine (GEA H-Packer SO), printer, quality control system (CPS) that contribute to the realization of the final product. The Sections are in turn made up of Equipment- e.g. the weighing section SPL-M is made up of Weigher 1 and Weigher 2 equipments- and are controlled according to the PackML standard; during the process execution, the various Equipment of the Section share the same PackML execution state (e.g. Weighing Equipment 1 and 2 are both in the IDLE state within the weigher execution program. This hierarchy must also be respected at the operator interface level which, according to the Plant configuration, must automatically generate itself according to the functions necessary for the specific system and that therefore must be located for simplicity of use at the Plant level.

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