UNIQO connects the machines

The challenge

The constant investment in research and development, the basis of the success ofRöchling Automotive, brought the company to study an innovative solution for the interoperability of machines with business management systems that could be applied effectively and uniformly both to the existing fleet and to the new machinery.

The case under consideration is the new development of a motorcycle fuel tank that meets the permeability requirements set by the U.S. Protection Agency environmental(EPA), equal to 1.5 g/m2d (grams per square meter of surface area per day). The tank is made with an injection molding machine with a double injection system with which the two shells of the tank are made. The shells are then assembled by other robotized stations.

To achieve the required objectives, it is necessary to be able to connect the machines competing to the realization of the piece with the Smart Factory System and provide a bidirectional communication mechanism.

Once the ERP receives the order of the product, it communicates with the Smart Factory System which in turn, according to information received from machines involved in the process, manages the machines to realize the required product.

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