ASEM has implemented its company quality management system in compliance with the requirements of Standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.

The quality system, certified by Intertek Moody Certification, is constantly updated to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the company operations.

The objectives pursued through methodical and constant application of the company quality system are summarized in the document entitled Quality Policy.


ASEM pursues the objective of a high quality standard of its products/systems in each phase of the manufacturing cycle:

  • Suppliers are selected based on demanding criteria of verification and evaluation of the ability of each supplier to provide products that are compliant with requirements.

  • The components to be used in the systems are selected through suitable technical verification of function, quality, reliability, and hardware and software compatibility.

  • During the research and development phase, the product prototypes are subjected to testing of electrical, mechanical and environmental stress to ensure wide margins of functional safety that allow use in critical, harsh environments such as industrial and professional applications.

  • Before they are placed on the market, all products undergo evaluation and laboratory testing to check compliance with required standards for CE marking and, if required, for obtaining marks from international standards organizations.

  • Upon arrival in Asem plants, all purchased products undergo incoming controls to ensure they meet required and stated specifications.

  • All the electronic boards, after the assembly, are tested functionally and undergo cycles of burn-in in the thermal chamber verifying the functionality of the card in the whole stated temperature range.

  • On 100% of assembled products/systems, tests are carried out on every single product for at least twelve consecutive hours. Also, unless otherwise requested by clients, samples are subjected to burn-in cycles in a temperature-controlled chamber.

  • Prior to shipment, each product/system is checked in detail to ensure it corresponds to the client's order.