Founded in 1979 by Renzo Guerra, actual President and CEO, ASEM has actively lived all digital information technologies’ evolution, anticipating continuously market changes and gaining an important heritage of expertise in the development of systems based on the “Open & Standard” PC architecture and on embedded technologies.

ASEM has been one of the pioneers in the technological and digital integration between Information Technology and Industrial Automation, in the belief that "Open and Standard" technologies would have revolutionized the world of “Factory Automation”.

ASEM has the ability to design hardware, firmware, software, mechanics and systems and manages all phases of the manufacturing process, including assembling and soldering of electronic boards. The expertise in product design enables ASEM to give maximum flexibility in developing customized systems for specific customer needs.

Marketing and Sales departments are divided into two business units, called "Industrial Automation" and "POS & IT Automation".

The business unit “Industrial Automation”, offers a full range of supervisory (HMI) and control (PAC) systems, based on “X86” and “ARM” platforms and on the software platforms “Premium HMI” and “CoDeSys”, a wide range of industrial PCs and monitors and a software platform for remote control and assistance “ASEM Ubiquity”. The business unit operates mainly in the Industrial Automation, Test & Measurement and Building Automation markets, where ASEM is today one of the main players in Europe.

The business unit “POS & IT Automation” operates in the Point of Sale automation market with a wide range of complete POS solutions including application software and fiscal products, and is present in professional segments of the Office Automation market with a wide range of Personal Computers and Servers.

ASEM Artegna - Headquarters