IIoT Cloud Connector

The new software solutions for cloud based Industrial IoT

IIoT Cloud Connector is the software solution designed to store field data on a cloud technology database.

In combination with the Premium HMI software, IIoT Cloud Connector allows to create an interface with any field system, aquiring relevant data for monitoring automated machines operation and the related processes.

IIoT Cloud Connector Runtime is available for HMI and IPC systems and as a IIoT Gateway standalone solution. IIoT Cloud Connector Runtime receives data from Premium HMI and stores it on the cloud database, by means of the services supplied by the chosen cloud platform.

IIoT Cloud Connector Runtime is compatible with cloud services provided by many suppliers, including the implementations based on brokers active in the local networks.

IIoT Cloud Connector Runtime implements the 'store and forward' functionality in a safe and efficient way, to manage the internet connectivity shortages even for very long times, in order to lose none of the data collected.

IIoT Cloud Connector Runtime implements grouping algorythms fot the data to be transferred, in order to reduce band usage and better exploit the caracteristics of the communication protocols used by the cloud services.

It simplifies data gathering mechanisms, sending it directly to the central database, that historicise and arranges them to be exported
It has the typical functional advantages of the VPN concentrators without the common complications of these architectures:
  • the possibility to implement remote monitoring thanks to the access to a centralized database, that is always kept up to date, avoiding the polling approach
  • the optimization of the communication between field devices and the cloud, via "on-data-change" politics
Allows to create, using ASEM systems, extremely compact, favorable and efficient all-in-one solutions:
  • Any device with Premium HMI runtime can transfer the data on the cloud server
  • HMI and LP systems are now the most compact systems of their category to have HMI, REMOTE ASSISTANCE, CONTROL and TELEMETRY functionalities


IIoT Cloud Connector is a software suite that includes:

IIoT Cloud Connector Runtime: available for ARM and x86 architectures, with Windows CE and Win32/64 operating systems, it receives data from the Premium HMI protocol and stores it on the cloud database by means of an internet connection.
It implements the 'Store & Forward' technology and the algorythms to optimize the connection and the cloud services. It uses the standard MQTT and AMQP cloud services and protocols.
IIoT Cloud Connector Gateway: all inclusive hardware + software solution for the creation of IIoT data gathering and cloud storage applications; it includes IIoT Cloud Connector Runtime and anything else is needed for its operation.

Techical features

  • It allows to store the Premium HMI datalogger on cloud technology databases
  • It is compatible with ARM and x86 architectures, with Windows CE (WEC7) and Windows 32/64 operating systems
  • It Supports Premium HMI data aquisitions politics that are based on "data change" and command driven aquisitions
  • It implements the "Store & Forward" technology to manage internet connectivity interruptions
  • It implements optimization algorithms for block data transfer, in order to make the implementation of data collecting services of cloud databases more efficient
  • It supports standard AMQP and MQTT protocols, also with WebSocket encapsulation, in order be to be interfaced with different cloud services


  • UNIQLOUD Runtime can only work in combination with a Premium HMI runtime version 5.0.1183.19 or later, exclusively on ASEM systems.
  • UNIQLOUD Runtime is distributed as a Premium HMI Runtime additional component and it is preloaded at the time the Runtime setup is launched on a system
  • UNIQLOUD Runtime activation requires the purchase of a licence that includes an alphanumeric key
  • The activation of the UNIQLOUD Runtime requires that the free software ASEM Control Center version 9 o later, available on the website www.asem.it, is used to check the alphanumeric key
  • The use of the ASEM supplied cloud services requires the purchase of the Domain and of the Storage
  • The purchase of the UNIQLOUD Domain grants access, for an unlimited amount of time and to a single laegal entity, to the management of UNIQLOUD devices for the authentication and authorization to the data transfer to the ASEM cloud service and to the activation of the storage services. The lump sum purchase of the Domain is concurrent to the first purchase of a "UNIQLOUD Runtime ASEM for asem cloud service" licence.
  • UNIQLOUD Storage services can be activated and used after the purchase of a UNIQLOUD Domain. All services will be available for the duration of one year starting from the activation.

For further information, please contact the local sales representative.