ASEM System Manager

ASEM System Manager 

ASEM System Manager is a set of utilities developed to improve the usage of WinCE-based ARM and x86 ASEM platform. 

Installed directly in production, ASEM System Manager is accessible from the OS control panel and includes a series of features that allow you to back up the whole system or to selectively back up the applications, a management of the screen saver and the implementation of the antialiasing rendering for a better characters visualization.

ASEM System Manager can be installed also on existing systems.

Backup - Restore

Clone, Backup e Restore

Using the Clone feature you can back up the source system, eventually including the OS image (ARM platform).  

Selective Backup allows you to specify the application to back up along with the configurations. For example, you can select to back up the Premium HMI Runtime along with the user application, Ubiquity Runtime with its configurations, CODESYS Runtime with the PLC application.

For ease of use, the back up is saved in a single file with “.ASR” (ASEM System Repository) extension

With the Restore feature you can retrieve the back up by selecting the files to be restored.

Backup selettivo

OS update for HMI 25 / HMI 30 / LP3x

Using ASEM System Manager you can update the HMIs operating system without reinstalling all the applications.

Prior the update, ASEM System Manager automatically makes a temporary back up of all ASEM applications and the related settings. Once the update is completed, the backup is automatically restored in a safe and transparent way 

You will find the image of the different operating systems in ".ASR" format on the web site from the Download area.

Impostazione dello Screen Saver

Screen Saver

With the Screen Saver feature you can reduce the display brightness or switching it off after a period of inactivity. This functionality extends the lifetime of the display.

Impostazione dell'Antialiasing


Antialiasing is a technique of minimizing the character edges compared with their matrix. In particular, the utility allows you to choose between two different representation, according to your preferences.

Touch Buzzer

ASEM system manager allows to manage the buzzer on the HMI30/25 systems. Once enabled the integrated buzzer will be activated each time the screen in touched.



EMMC Usage

The utility provides useful information about the actual use of the eMMC memory along with an indication of "lifetime" of the support expressed in expected duration time.

Kiosk Mode

The utility enables the execution of Premium HMI Runtime in "kiosk" mode without showing any detail of the operating system. The kiosk mode is very useful when you need the HMI application to be launched with no evidence of the operating system presence.

Language Settings

The utility allows you to easily install the font support for non-European languages in the HMI applications.


The utility lets you change the operating system scroll bars dimension Some of these controls are in fact used in the HMI applications so you can freely adapt the size.

System Reboot

The utility allows you to reboot the device without acting on the power supply.

Supported systems

System compatibility
HW of WinCE based systems Pre-loaded in production After sales installation Backup/Restore Backup/Restore with OS image clone Font rendering settings Screen Saver
ARM yes yes yes yes yes yes
x86 no yes yes no no no
Ubiquity RMxx no yes yes yes yes no

HW of WinCE based systems Touch Buzzer eMMC Usage Kiosk Mode Language settings Scrollbar System Reboot
ARM yes yes yes yes yes yes
x86 no no no yes yes no
Ubiquity RMxx no yes no yes yes no


ASEM System Manager installation

To install ASEM System Manager in systems where it is not pre-installed, you must:

- Select the relatate package for your own platform (ARM or X86);
- Copy it into the disk (or memory) of the system;
- Run the setup following the instruction on the screen.

To complete the procedure, you might be ask to rebooth your system.


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User Manual

ASEM System Manager user manual


Dowload ASEM System Manager user manual.