Custom Light

Custom-light solutions


Custom-light services provide different levels of customization of standard products in the catalog:

aesthetic custom-light, such as:

  • removal or substitution of the ASEM trademark with a label showing the brand and/or logo of the customer;
  • customization of front film with silkscreen printing of client brands and/or logotype;


mechanical custom-light, such as:

  • personalization of the shape and/or thickness of the front panel;
  • customizations of keyboard layout on front panel;


electronic custom-light, such as:

  • creation of a different backplane;
  • addition of communications interfaces and/or modification to the standard configuration;


The customizations described do not involve structural changes to standard products, and meet the typical needs of OEMs and System Integrators who want to offer their own solutions to the market with a homogeneous representation of the brand. Custom-light solutions can be implemented relatively quickly and for low volume.