30 years anticipating trends, evolving strategies and markets – Key moments




Founded in 1979 by the current President and CEO Renzo Guerra

ASEM - Automazione Sistemi Elettronici Microcomputer - starts as an engineering company specialized in designing and manufacturing industrial automation systems with microprocessor technology



ASEM enters the Information Technology market designing and producing accessories and interfaces for Personal Computers

Only Italian company with Olivetti®, ASEM designs and manufactures MS-DOS compatible PCs, reaching at the end of the ‘80s a 6% share of the Italian market of PCs



In the '90s, for first in Italy, ASEM designs and manufactures Industrial PCs, specifically targeted to the Industrial Automation Market

Since 2000, ASEM is the largest Italian manufacturer of Industrial PCs selling in Italy greater quantities than International competitors


In 2006 ASEM began a specialization path to approach the market not only as a producer of hardware but as a company able to provide automation systems integrated with software for industrial automation

ASEM is successfully completing the demanding path taken and is now able to control directly and deeply all the basic technologies of industrial automation systems